Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Greetings. Allow me to explain.

This is my journal. Auditorium. Soapbox. Sketchbook. Gallery. Notepad.

It will be a repository of anything I feel like sharing for any who might like to see it. It is primarily here for me, as I felt a need for something better than what I already had for distributing my thoughts and creations to the world at large.
That said, the world at large will most likely go largely ignorant of this platform's existence. That is fine. There are some, I know, who will read this, and that suffices. I have no grand aspirations, here. This will simply be what it is and will be received however it is that it shall be received.

Pardon the tautologies. I find them amusing.
That said, there will be no set schedule for anything. There will be no theme to posts. They will come as they come and contain what I wish them to contain, and what I can manage to include within the limitations of the blogger format. So read if you desire to, when you desire to, and comment as you desire to.

I'll just be here.


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  1. Dreams, dithers, digressions, discussions -- when the Dragon dares to share, it delights me. I'm so glad you are doing this.